"BlueLevel Technologies? WOW! That is one team that cares about our team’s success. We wish all of our vendors were as service oriented as BlueLevel!"



BlueLevel Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of level measurement sensors, bin level indicators, continuous level inventory monitoring systems and accessory items, including bin aerator flow-aids and proximity sensors and switches. Our business focus is to serve our customers and prospects, not lip-service but true superior serving of people with application consulting, technology review, education materials, processing orders and shipping products faster than any of our competitors. You can consider us and use BlueLevel Technologies as your Personal Expert Consultant in level measurement and detection of powder, granular and liquid materials. We have literally written the book in most of these areas.


Drawing upon the over fifty years of combined experience of the co-founders of BlueLevel Technologies, the company provides the expertise and knowledge needed to every contact with the people we strive to serve. Our owner and co-founder, Mr. Bob Ciulla, has been an entrepreneur and business owner and operator serving the foundry (Herschal Products) and aggregate processing markets for decades. Mr. Joe Lewis, our co-founder and Managing Director, brings over three decades of experience in process measurement, control and level measurement technology and applications to everyone he works with, whether by phone, email or in person. Together these co-founders have developed and brought together a growing group of products and the commitment to an attitude of service and support, for people of all the industries we serve.


BlueLevel Technologies takes serving our customers and everyone we come in contact with to
The Next Level. Contact us to experience the difference. Review our Case Studies today and call us for more information.






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