"When my purchasing agent said he had ordered the level sensors I was shocked to see them the very next day which is refreshing! It is good to know that in the future there will be no issues with getting level sensors for any emergency replacement of our old units."

Case Studies


vhs rod

Case #1


VHS Point Level Sensor Controls Powder Coat Level to Within 2mm

Mt. Pleasant, MI USA


Chosen based upon its wide bulk density range, while being very moderate in cost making it very affordable, the VHS Rod is an excellent choice for dry free-flowing powder and granular materials. Find out more.


Case #2


Model CPH Proximity Switch Detects Floor Drain Backups

Murfreesboro, TN USA


The Model CPH is a compact and low cost sensor for use with clean fluids and dry, free-flowing powder and granular bulk solids. It is a very reliable device surpassing industry standards. Perfect for any potential messy problems.

Find out more.

model wc

Case #3


Model WC Automates Inventory Monitoring of Cement and Flyash

Coalhurst, AB Canada


We are pleased to have provided the inventory level sensor solution for this interesting application at a precast product manufacturing facility producing concrete buildings, catch basins and other structures. Find out more.


Case #4


RH Bin Level Indicator Monitors Low Level Condition in Flour Silo

Selangor, Malaysia


Flour milling from wheat is a common facility that uses bin level indicators for high and low level indication. We are pleased to be a part of this facility in Malaysia. Find out more.

rh units

Case #5


RH Bin Level Indicator in Portable Concrete
Batch Plant

Midwest, USA


In these portable plants there is the added stress of multiple setup and transport to different sites to all the equipment on the silos, such as the bin level indicators. We are pleased to be a part of several plant manufacturers batching plant level controls such as the one shown here. Find out more.


Case #6


WC Inventory Sensor Measures Adsorbent Material for Clean Coal Burning

Trona, CA USA


Where periodic inventory measurements are needed and can be initiated during a static vessel condition, the Model WC is a full featured inventory sensor that is cost effective.

Find out more.


Case #7


VHS "Fork" Point Level Sensor Used in Food Plant

Murray, KY USA


When hoppers are small and the material is fine granular or a powder with low to medium bulk density, the Model VHS “Fork” vibrating element point level sensor can be used. Its high sensitivity and ability to detect different materials without needing to be calibrated is perfect for the job. Find out more.




Case #8


IPH Inductive Proximity Sensor/Switch Detects Valve Position in Seed Facility

Slater, IA USA


Seed processing facilities, research or production, utilize valves like slide gates to help gently move the flow of the seed one direction or another. Valve position must be reported back to the PLC automation systems. Inductive style proximity sensors provide reliable and positive feedback with either a closed or open switch. Inductive style sensors are reliable and relatively low in cost for most any kind of metal sensing. Find out more.



vhl mini

Case #9


VHL Mini Liquid Sensor/Switch Detects High Level in Mixing Tank

Slater, IA USA


The processing of seed from the field to packaging requires a number of steps. One is the application of treatment chemicals that help the seed perform better when planted. These treatment chemicals are in liquid form and require preparation. Preventing overfill in the mixing tanks is an important function. The Model VHL Mini liquid level sensor is a tuning fork that fits this need perfectly. Find out more.



Model rh

Case #10


Model RH Bin Level Indicator in Feed Mill as Plugged Chute Detector

Forrest, IL USA


Monitoring the proper flow of material at various points in the feed milling process is key to proper operation and profitability. This application utilizes the Model RH rotary paddle bin level indicator to detect the backup of material just prior to a vibrating feeder. We are pleased to be a large part of this new feed mill expansion. Find out more.



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