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Model DA    Disc Aerator


Fluidizes Powders with Air & Vibration!


The Model DA is a round disc aerator that is a highly efficient fluidizer of powder materials due to its aeration and gentle vibration motion. It is available with an external mounting kit accessory for rectangular mounting in new applications or to replace rectangular aerator pads.


  • Highly effective aeration fluidizes powders
  • Air flow PLUS vibration yield clean bin walls
  • External mounting kit available
  • 4" diameter disk - industry standard size
  • You are protected - Golden Parachute Support



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  1. Model DA Sales Flyer
  2. Model DA Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions






Principal of Operation

When powders are conveyed into a bin or other type of vessel most often the material is pneumatically conveyed. As the material enters the bin it is a “blend” of air and particulate. The particulate settles and the air escapes. While some materials and bins flow freely, others require assistance. The disc aerator loosens up the material by reintroducing air and generating vibration. Varying the air pressure effects air flow and frequency of vibration. Therefore the resultant aeration can be tailored to the material and bin. BlueLevel Technologies now offers this disc aerator to help free material and aid good bin cleanout. The lip of the disc seals against the bin wall. Positive air pressure forces air under the lip, inducing vibration, and blows material loose. The particulate and air “blend” is recreated. The silicone disc wears exceptionally well, does not absorb moisture, and can replace rectangular pad aerators already in place. An externally assembled mounting plate is offered to accomplish this interchange.

Application and Use

The disc aerator requires a compressed air system that supplies clean, dry, oil-free air. Regenerative blowers do not develop enough pressure. The effective range of each disc aerator is approximately a 10-12 inch radius. Mounting can be from inside or outside of the bin. Refer to our Installation, Operation and Maintenance booklet for complete details.

Technical Data Summary


Blue Silicone Rubber


Nominal 4” Diameter

Operating Temp

-60° F to +350° F

(-50° C to +175° C)



Port Size

Zinc Plated Steel

1/4" MPT Internal Thread

1/2" MPT External Thread

Air Supply:

10-20 CFM at 20-30 PSIG Typical, of clean, dry, oil-free air

Models Available

  • Blue, Silicone 4" Dia., Steel Stem & Hardware
  • External Mounting Kit Accessory, Rectangular Cutout (steel hardware, neoprene gasket)



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Blue Silicone Rubber Disc, 4” Diameter

External Mounting Kit, Rectangular Cutout

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