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Model RA    Bin Aerator


Affordable Aeration!


Low cost aerator pads promote flow to enable proper material level control.


Ensuring proper material flow of powders and bulk solids within bins, hoppers and silos is important to proper bin level indication, level control and level sensor operation. Ratholing and bridging can occur in many situations, leading to false level control and level sensor indication, as well as production problems. Bin aerators introduce air back into powder materials to restore the material to its naturally aerated state and allowing it to flow readily.


The Model RA is provided in a rectangular size that is standard within concrete batching plants and other industries. Construction is of zinc-plated steel with a fiberglass diffuser material and an external mounting kit accessory.


  • Low cost – affordable aeration
  • Keep material moving – enable proper level control
  • Promote material flow naturally – no damage
  • Heavy-duty construction – withstands rigors of concrete batch plants
  • Fiberglass diffuser – resists clogging
  • External mounting kit available – simplifies installation
  • You are protected - Golden Parachute Support



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  1. Model RA Sales Flyer
  2. Model RA Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions



Part# 231000

External mounting kit for all Model RA rectangular bin aerators (uses internal mounting hardware supplied with aerator). This accessory replaces competitors’ items AD-K and 3-8010.

Principal of Operation

BlueLevel Technologies helps industry monitor and measure the level of powders, granular and liquid materials in a wide variety of vessels. Accessory items such as the Model RA bin aerator are available to promote and maintain the flow of material so that proper level control and measurement can be ensured. Operating on a wide range of powders and bulk solids the Model RA bin aerator promotes the flow of materials from bins and silos using the proven principle of aeration. As the material in your bin settles, air escapes and the material packs and behaves as a solid mass. The Model RA is a heavy-duty aerator provided in the industry standard rectangular size of 3-3/4"x 7-1/2" and is used to introduce low pressure air into the material in the bin, thereby restoring its natural aerated state allowing the material to flow. In this manner bridging, ratholing and other material flow problems can be resolved and proper bin level indication and control ensured.

Application and Use

Aeration of powders in the cone sections of bins and silos provides best results with materials of 60 mesh size and smaller, and with 3% moisture content or less. The area of effective operation per aerator is approximately 20" diameter.


The Model RA bin aerator works well to promote the flow of cement, flyash, lime, carbon black, flour, soda ash, diatomaceous earth, gypsum, soap powders, clay and many other materials.

Technical Data Summary

Air Supply:

Clean, dry air, 3-5 psi

Air Consumption:

4.2scfm @ 1psi

(1.2m³/min @ 0.07bar)

5.7scfm @ 2psi

(1.6m³/min @ 0.14bar)

6.5scfm @ 3psi

(1.8m³/min @ 0.21bar)

7.1scfm @ 4psi

(2.0m³/min @ 0.28bar)

7.6scfm @ 5psi

(2.2m³/min @ 0.35bar)

Materials of Construction:

Body: Zinc-plated steel

Diffuser: Fiberglass (Up to 650°F/343°C)

Diffuser Screens: Zinc-plated steel

Air Inlet Nipple/Nut: Nickel-plated brass

Spacer Washers: Zinc-plated steel

Washer/Gasket: Buna-N (Up to 180°F/82°C)

External Mount Kit:


Zinc-plated steel

Gaskets: Neoprene

(Up to 180°F/82°C)

Models Available

  • PART# 230012
    Model RA rectangular bin aerator with fiberglass diffuser (includes hardware for internal bin mounting). This unit replaces competitors’ items AD-C, AD-F, 3-8511 or 3-8512. The 230012 with fiberglass diffuser is recommended for all materials or environments including those where moisture is present as this diffuser material is resistant to clogging.



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