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Model VHL Mini    Vibrating Fork for Liquids


Miniature Enclosure, Proven Technology and High Value!


Using the most ideal technology for a very wide range of liquids and slurry materials, the VHL Mini is a miniature version of the Model VHL vibrating fork point level sensor. It is specifically for use detecting the presence and absence of liquid and slurry materials and providing input to a PLC or control system. The Model VHL Mini provides a 2-wire AC or 3-wire DC solidstate output for use in switching low current loads, such as a relay coil, LED light or as an input to a PLC or other type of control system. This unit is available with a range of probe lengths and is economical and highly reliable.


  • Polished vibrating fork is standard
  • PFA coated or hygienic extreme-polish available
  • 2-wire AC or 3-wire DC (NPN/PNP) solid-state output
  • External operational test function
  • High process temperature of 266°F (130°C)
  • Unaffected by dielectric constant, conductivity, viscosity, pressure and temperature
  • Miniature compact stainless steel housing
  • Prewired 3m long cable
  • IP68 (NEMA 6P) rated enclosure
  • You are protected – Golden Parachute Support



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  1. Model VHL Mini Sales Flyer
  2. Model VHL Mini Technical Information, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions

Principal of Operation

Model VHL Mini vibrating fork level switches are suitable for level detection of a wide range of liquids. The operation principle is based on an electronic circuit exciting piezoelectric crystals, thereby making the fork probe vibrate. As the fluid or medium reaches and covers the fork its vibration changes, or stops completely. The fork will start vibrating again as the fluid sets it free. The electronics sense the change of vibration and causes the solid-state output to change state.

Application and Use

Mounted on pipes or tanks the filling and emptying of vessels can be controlled using the Model VHL Mini as they can generate alarms providing overfill or dry run protection where input to PLC’s, Controls Systems is required, and where switching low current loads is needed (refer to technical specifications).

Technical Data Summary

Power Supply

2-Wire AC 20-255VAC

3-Wire DC 12-55VDC


AC: Load Dependent

DC: <0.6W

Wire Connection

3m Prewired Cable

Enclosure Protection

IP68 (NEMA Type 6P)

Process Density

≥ 0.7 S.G. (0.7 g/cm³)

Maximum Pressure

588 psi (40 bar)

Maximum Viscosity

10,000 cSt (mm2/s)

Medium Temperature

-40⁰F to +266⁰F

(-40⁰C to +130⁰C)

Ambient Temperature

-22°F to +158°F

(-30°C to +70°C)

Local Indication

Bi-Color LED

Alarm – Red. Normal – Green


AC: 350mA Maximum

DC: NPN/PNP 350mA Maximum


316Ti Stainless Steel

(DIN 1.4571)


CE Mark

Standard Sensor Model Includes

  • Threaded or Tri-Clamp process connections
  • Short Probe (2.7"/69mm long)
  • Standard Probe (4.9"/125mm long)
  • Long Probe (7.9"/200mm long)
  • Extended Probe (12"-118"/300mm-3,000mm)
  • Ordinary Locations



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Ordering Information – Sensor

Final Assembly Part Number Structure

4 5 - 2 X 1 X - 1 1 X

Probe Length

1 - 2.7" (69mm)

2 - 4.9" (125mm)

3 - 7.9" (200mm)

4 - Extended (12" – 118")


2 - 2-Wire AC

3 - 3-Wire DC


Process Connection

1 - 1" NPT

2 - 1-1/2" Tri-Clamp

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