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Model WC    Smart Inventory Monitoring Sensor


3G Weight & Cable Technology, Direct MODBUS Ready!


Ideal for monitoring inventory levels of powders, granular materials and even many liquids- easy setup, reliable and proven smart sensor technology.


  • MODBUS Ready - integrates to your system
  • Immune to dust, sound, dielectric, temperature fluctuations - reliable
  • Multiple outputs; serial, analog, pulse and relays - flexible interface
  • Intelligent cable system control - reliable
  • Hall-effect sensor measurement - reliable
  • Manual, auto and SmartStart™ modes - adaptive to application
  • AutoReturn™ function sets adjustable effective measuring range, 98ft (30m) max. - reliable, flexible
  • RCU control unit available – sensor remote display/control
  • Built-in LCD display and keys - easy setup
  • Built-in bulls-eye level to aid in proper installation
  • Choice of Flat, 5 degree, 10 degree or 30 degree mounting flange is standard
  • Optional sensing weights include "umbrella" weight for light materials and plastic auto-fall-off bottle
  • You are protected - Golden Parachute Support



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  1. Model WC Sales Flyer
  2. Model WC Technical Information
  3. Model WC Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions
  4. Model RCU Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions


Model RCU

rc unit
Remote Inventory Control at Your Finger Tips

For Remote Communication with
Model WC Inventory Sensor

Principal of Operation

The Model WC inventory monitoring sensors are third generation smart weight & cable style instruments using a proven technique for measuring the distance from the sensor to the surface of the target material.


Unlike most other weight & cable type sensors, the Model WC uses Hall-effect technology to measure the distance/level. This eliminates optical devices that may be susceptible to dust and dirt through normal use or during installation.


In addition, the Model WC utilizes magnetic technology to monitor the descent and ascent of the weight & cable system, allowing intelligent control of the travel and operation of the cable system to ensure reliable operation. The smart sensor control system also self-validates its operation and informs you if any cable system malfunction should occur during measurements.

Application and Use

Model WC inventory monitoring sensors are used to measure the material contents in a vessel based upon the level of the material inferred from a direct distance measurement and the known height of the vessel.


The sensor will process its measurement and indicate the value on its LCD display as well as via the sensor’s outputs; MODBUS communication, analog (0/4-20mAdc) and Pulse (transistor and relay types). The distance/level information can be used directly or converted into volume and weight by a receiving device or control system.


The optional Model RCU remote control unit is available to interface with multiple sensors and provide display of distance/level values as well as allowing operator control of the sensors as well. Industries where applications are found include; Plastic Processing, Concrete, Cement, Food, Agriculture, Recycling, Power and more.

Technical Data Summary

Power Supply Universal 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 6VA
Measurement Auto, SmartStart™ and Manual
Range 98ft (30m)
Internal Display LCD, dot matrix 8 x 2, w/backlight
Serial Com MODBUS standard
Analog 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Pulse DC Transistor NPN/PNP, Relay (3A @ 250VAC)
Ambient Temp -31°F to +140°F (-35°C to +60°C)
Process Temp -31°F to +176°F (-35°C to +80°C)
Enclosure Cast aluminum, powder coat, NEMA Type 4X, IP66
Self-Validation Cable break, buried weight, lockout
Certifications CE Mark

Standard Sensor Model Includes

  • 98ft (30m) Nylon jacketed stainless steel cable
  • Multiple outputs; MODBUS, Analog, Pulse, Alarms
  • AutoReturn™ function sets maximum measuring distance
  • Flat, 5°, 10° or 30° mounting flange
  • Standard, umbrella, plastic digestible or stainless steel float sensing weights
  • Built-in “bulls-eye" level aids in installation
  • Adjustable measuring deadband to fit application
  • Ordinary locations



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Ordering Information –

Sensor Final Assembly Part Number Structure

5 5 - 1 X 1 X - X X X

Mounting Flange

1 - Flat Flange

2 - 5° Angle Flange

3 - 10° Angle Flange

4 - 30° Angle Flange


1 - Standard


1 - CE Mark

     (Ordinary Locations)

Sensing Weight

1 - Standard Aluminum

2 - Umbrella

3 - Plastic (Auto Fall-Off)

4 - Stainless Ball Float

Ordering Info – Remote Control Unit

Part Number: 56-1111-111


1 - Nylon Jacketed SS

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