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Model AP/APX    RF Admittance Point Level Sensor


Proven RF Technology, Universal Application


An industry standard level detection sensor for powders and bulk solids - reliable, low maintenance, high value and high reliability.


Ideal for Wide Range of Bulk Solid, Liquid and Slurry Applications, Universal Power Supply, Several Probe Versions.


  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply
  • Simple Calibration
  • Multiple Probe Versions
  • DPDT Relay Output Fail-Safe
  • High Process Temp Available (842˚F/450˚C)
  • IP65 (NEMA Type 4X) Enclosure
  • Explosionproof Version Available (pending)
  • You are protected - Golden Parachute Support



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  1. Model AP/APX Sales Flyer
  2. Model AP/APX Technical Information
  3. Model AP/APX Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions

Principal of Operation

RF admittance technology is the next generation of capacitance based level sensors.


It detects the presence or absence of material surrounding the probe based on changing capacitance within a circuit as a result of the dielectric property of the material being sensed. When the presence or absence of material is detected the relay output changes state to indicate the appropriate condition.


In addition, unlike strict capacitance level sensors the Model AP/APX RF admittance point level sensor also employs a driven shield circuit that effectively ignores material build-up along the sensor probe should it occur.

Application and Use

The Model AP/APX is a point level sensor using RF admittance technology. These level switches are suitable for detecting the presence and absence of powder, granular, liquid and slurry materials in a wide range of industries. Mounted on bins, tanks and silos from the top or side, the filling and emptying of vessels can be controlled using the Model AP/APX as the unit generates fail-safe alarms (on power failure) providing overfill or dry run protection.


Technical Data Summary

Power Supply: 20-250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz
Consumption: 25VA
Enclosure Protection: IP65 (NEMA Type 4X)
Sensitivity: 0.3pF
Ambient Temp: -40˚F to +176˚F (-40˚C to + 80˚C)
Process Temp:  
Standard -40˚F to + 302˚F (-40˚C to +150˚C)
Mini -40˚F to + 302˚F (-40˚C to +150˚C)
Cable Extended -40˚F to + 302˚F (-40˚C to +150˚C)
High -40˚F to + 450˚F (-40˚C to +232˚C)
Super High -40˚F to + 842˚F (-40˚C to +450˚C)
Maximum Pressure: 284 psi (20 bar)
Local Indication: Alarm – Red, Normal – Blue
Output: DPDT Relay, 5A @ 240VAC
Fail-Safe: Selectable – High / Low
Time Delay: 0-30 seconds, Adjustable
Probe Material: Stainless Steel
Insulator Material:
Standard PTFE
Cable Extended PTFE
Super High Ceramic
Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum, Powder Coat, NEMA Type 4X, IP65

CE Mark

Hazardous Locations (pending)

Standard Sensor Model Includes

  • Standard Probe (12.8"/326mm insertion length)
  • Mini Probe (2.5"/63mm long)
  • Cable Extended Probe (25’/7.6m Maximum)
  • High Temp Probe (17.8"/450mm long)
  • Super High Temp Probe (22.8"/580mm long)
  • Hazardous Locations (Pending)




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Ordering Information –

Sensor Final Assembly Part Number Structure

4 4 - 1 X X X - 1 X X


1 – DPDT Relay


1 - Integral

Probe Type

1 – Standard

2 – Mini

3 – Cable Extended

4 – High Temp

5 – Super High



1 – Ordinary Location (CE Mark)
2 – Hazardous Location


Process Connection

1 – ¾” NPT

2 – 1” NPT (High Temp)

3 – 1-1/4” NPT (Super High


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