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Who We Are

BlueLevel Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of level measurement sensors, bin level indicators, continuous level inventory monitoring systems, and accessory items, including bin aerator flow-aids and proximity sensors and switches.

At BlueLevel Technologies, we manufacture and supply products with every application in mind. From the grain industry to concrete production, our products are intended to be versatile solutions that can adapt to suit each and every job. With simplicity in mind, all of our level measurement sensors and monitoring systems require little maintenance, are simple to install and are highly reliable.

Our owner and co-founder, Mr. Bob Ciulla, has been an entrepreneur, business owner and operator serving the foundry (Herschal Products) and aggregate processing markets for decades. With his vast knowledge and expertise, we have managed to grow BlueLevel Technologies into a company that is trusted far and wide.

The BlueLevel Technologies team has developed and brought together a growing group of products and the commitment to an attitude of service and support, for people of all the industries we serve. We encourage you to talk with our team so we can better understand your industry and your application to help point you in the right direction when it comes time to grow efficiencies within your business.

What We Offer

Our business focus is to serve our customers and prospects, not with lip-service, but with true superior service. We offer support with application consulting, technology review, and educational materials. Plus, we pride ourselves on processing orders and shipping products faster than any of our competitors.
You can consider us your partner in level measurement and detection of powder, granular and liquid materials.

Who We Serve

At BlueLevel Technologies, we work with a vast array of industries to help them monitor and control production in a way that improves efficiency and more importantly, profitability. Our level measurement sensors, bin level sensors and other monitoring equipment and aeration pads for improved flow enables our customers to automate production and manufacturing in a way that makes a major impact.

We proudly serve the grain industry, concrete, cement, and aggregate production, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and more. BlueLevel Technologies takes serving our customers and everyone we come in contact with toThe Next Level. Contact Us to experience the difference.



Whether you have questions about a product or need a quote, we are here to help. Contact us below or call us directly at


    Whether you have questions about a product or need a quote, we are here to help. Contact us below or call us directly at 330-523-5215.