Case Study: VHL Mini Liquid Sensor/Switch Detects High Level in Mixing Tank

Slater, IA USA

Problem Summary

Seed processing from corn has various stages. The whole grain corn is brought in from the field on the cob and with husk intact. Trucks dump the corn and the corn is transported to the husker using vibratory feeding mechanisms. The husker equipment removes the corn husks and the corn, still on the cob, moves to the next step in the process where the corn kernels are removed from the cob. The corn shelling equipment perform this task. The cobs move in one direction and the kernels move along on a different path for further processing including treatment and drying. The treatment step requires high level detection in the treatment mixing tanks. The treatment materials are liquid chemicals. The level sensor must be reliable, resistant to the liquid and capable of detecting a range of liquid dielectrics and viscosities.


This application requires a compact level sensor that is extremely reliable and capable of detecting a range of liquids. The Model VHL Mini meets these needs perfectly. The VHL Mini is a compact vibrating fork level detector with solidstate output. The units used at this facility are a 3-wire DC unit with PNP and NPN output. They can be wired for high or low level indication and control. They are constructed of 316 stainless steel and can withstand being continuously immersed in the treatment chemicals. The standard fork length unit (4.9” insertion length) was used, but the VHL Mini is also available in a shorter 2.7” length and longer lengths as well.

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