Case Study: VHS “Fork” Point Level Sensor Used in Food Plant

Murray, KY USA

Problem Summary

Various food manufacturing facilities process powder such as cocoa and drink mixes. The hoppers are usually small and the material to be detected fine granular or powder materials with low to medium bulk density. Also, it is often that different materials will need to be detected in the same small hoppers and they may have different densities and dielectric constants. High level is usually the most important application but low level indication and control may exist as well.


The Model VHS “Fork” vibrating element point level sensor was chosen because of its high sensitivity and ability to detect different materials without needing to be calibrated. The VHS fork unit has a small footprint and can be mounted in tight spaces. It provides a SPDT relay output and operates on a universal AC/DC power supply. The units at this facility have operated successfully and provided reliable detection of high level conditions existing in small hoppers containing cocoa drink mix, juice drink mix and other fine granular or powder materials.

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