Low Cost 5-Way Rotatable Head Inductive Proximity Switch!

“Adding to our growing line of inductive proximity sensor switches we are pleased to announce the availability of the new BlueLevel Technologies Model IPH 5-Way Rotatable Head Inductive Proximity Switch!”, says Todd Van Niel, Sales Manager of BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.

The Model IPH 5-Way Rotatable Head Inductive Proximity Switch is a sensor that detects the presence and absence of target metallic items for use in position detection and control as well as many other applications. It is a high quality device available at a price well below that of its competitive rivals.

The standard Model IPH 5-Way rotatable head inductive switch is a rectangular 4-wire AC sensor with both normally open and normally closed switch outputs, each being 2-wire 20- 250VAC. The sensing head is rotatable into any one of five possible positions.

The 5-way rotatable head Model IPH joins all other Model IPH cylindrical versions making up the entire current Model IPH inductive proximity switch product line from BlueLevel Technologies.

Download the Product Data Sheet Here

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