Case Study: RH Bin Level Indicator Monitors Low Level Condition in Flour Silo

Selangor, Malaysia

Flour milling from wheat is a common facility that uses bin level indicators for high and low level indication. We are pleased to be a part of this facility in Malaysia.

Problem Summary

Flour is a powder, the result of grinding up various grains. It is the main ingredient in bread, a staple food for many people around the world. Because flour tends to be a fine powder it can be difficult to detect and monitor. Many points in a flour mill will have flour or ingredients in bins and silos. Often it is important to keep these bins and silos from emptying their contents completely and it is required to know when a low or high level condition exists. The dusty flour can tend to cling and coat many level sensor units that can be problematic, such as with certain capacitance sensors and vibrating element tuning fork sensors. A bin level indicator that is reliable and capable of detecting this dusty material is required.


The Model RH rotary paddle bin level indicator was chosen by the engineering construction firm as the bin level indicators for high and low level detection in the finished flour silos. Rotary paddle technology is the most universal point level sensor technology for powder and bulk solids. It is very capable of operating in the environment and dust within the silos without fail. Given these units were destined for operation in Malaysia, both 24VDC and 230VAC units were used. The Model RH units provide local LED indication of normal/alarm status, a DPDT relay output that is fail-safe on power failure, four shaft bearings and many other features for long life. They have been successfully installed and used in this facility.

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