Case Study: Model RH Bin Level Indicator in Feed Mill as Plugged Chute Detector

Forrest, IL USA

The manufacturing of domestic animal feed combines various ingredients together and pelletizes the feed for ease of sale, transport and consumption. Bin level indicators are used in several locations within the modern day feed mill. We are pleased to be a part of this feed mill in a wide range of applications.

Problem Summary

Feeding material within the process often calls for the use of vibratory type devices. The material can sometimes backup into valves and other equipment if the material does not flow properly. This must be prevented in order to have the process operate efficiently, maximize production and profitability.


The Model RH bin level indicator can be used for high and low level detection and this is very common. When mounted within the side wall of a chute and setup as a high level indicator the rotary paddle bin level indicator quickly and easily detects the presence of material backup into the chute as a high level plugged chute alarm. Rotary paddle technology is the most universal when it comes to detecting the presence or absence of a wide range of powder or granular material.

There were multiple units used at this feed mill for plugged chute detection along with dozens used for traditional bin high and low level indication and control. They are 115VAC powered units with DPDT relay output and locally visible LED indication of the normal/alarm status. The Model RH is also available in 24VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC models. The Model RH has been successfully installed and operated in this facility since early in 2012.

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