WC Inventory Sensor Measures Adsorbent Material for Clean Coal Burning

BlueLevel Technologies level measurement sensors, level indicators and silo inventory systems help monitor and control production processes within a vast array of industries. Below is a case study demonstrating how the Model WC smart inventory sensor was used to measure adsorbent material for clean coal burning at a facility in Trona, California.


Reliable and accurate inventory monitoring of cement dust and adsorbent materials is an important step in the power generation process using coal and other applications where burners fired with coal generate heat for boiler applications. The adsorbent materials assist in reducing pollutants such as mercury and sulfur to levels whereby the facility owner can qualify for significant tax credits.

Cement kiln dust is added to the processed coal just prior to injection into the burning process. This material, along with other additives, is effective in reducing mercury and sulfur emissions. The material is stored in silos, typically of moderate size with 30’ high straight wall and a 10 degree angle roof. Understanding the amount of material present in the silo allows the management personnel to properly maintain inventory to ensure continuous feed and power production.


The Model WC smart inventory sensor was selected for this application where periodic inventory measurements were needed and could be initiated during a static vessel condition as needed by plant and material delivery personnel. This unit is a third generation weight & cable sensor with a built-in 10 degree mounting flange, MODBUS serial link, analog and pulse outputs as well as relay outputs.

The Model WC is a full featured inventory sensor and cost effective. Customer instrumentation technicians responsible for the sensor equipment at this facility are pleased with the Model WC operation and indicate “all is working well” during multiple follow-ups by BlueLevel customer service technicians.

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