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Model VHS

Vibrating Element "Rod"
Point Level Sensor


Changing Contents, Low Density Materials

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Ideal level sensor technology for powders and granular material. No calibration required, universal AC/DC power supply and proven solidstate technology.


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At BlueLevel Technologies serving our customers is our mission; 35 years of expertise in process measurement and control is applied to every contact with our customers, assuring you of the best advice and product to meet your needs quickly. No transferring your call, wading through an automated phone system or layers of people, the person addressing your inquiry has the abilities needed to serve you. Fast processing & same day shipments are the norm, not a costly special exception.


Solids level measurement and indication is our specialty. Powder, granular, liquid or slurry level indication, no matter what your application or what industry you are in, you will get unmatched service and greater assurance of application engineering and product reliability in bin level indication, level control, liquid level sensing as well as level measurement for silo inventory monitoring. The result is helping you to increase your plant output with fewer maintenance and production headaches.


Looking for a specific bin level indicator or level measurement technology? We offer the state-of-the-art in product technologies that currently include rotary paddle bin level indicators, RF admittance or capacitance probes, vibrating rod and tuning fork level sensors for bulk solids or liquids and slurries, capacitive proximity sensors and smart silo inventory level measurement systems.

Bin level indicators, level controls and continuous level sensors are critical instruments involved with the manufacture of most everything around us:

  • Plastics, resins, chemicals, pharmaceuticals
  • Pipe, brick, blocks and concrete products
  • Grains, animal feed, food and various food ingredients
  • Wood products, vinyl siding, shingles, metal products
  • And much more.
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